Friday, April 20, 2012

Finding Fridays

This morning I tweeted, yes, I tweeted about TGIF and how I don't really have one because I'm a self employed artist. No rest for the wicked, they say! Well, as anyone who is self-employed  knows, you are the driver of all things...If I had a job description it would be something like this:

Must have crazy painting and drawing skills and at least 20 years experience behind the easel. Must be able to accurately photograph art for reproduction. Must have framing experience. Have marketing and design background, must be a proficient writer for grants, resume, ad copy, artist statements, "how to" articles and blogging. Must have Photoshop, Illustrator and some HTML skill. Must be versed in social media and online marketing. Must be organized and keep a tight inventory of work completed. Must be physically strong able to carry large artwork and set up heavy equipment. Must know how to drive a large truck. Must be personable and presentable to the public and have sales skills. Must be able to teach all the stuff you know how to do to someone else. Must have accounting and bookkeeping skills unless you have a husband who does. Must have tons of tenacity, mental toughness and must have tons of drive and direction as you won't have a boss telling you what to do at any time. You will be on your own.

So, I need to make up my own Fridays. This is not a small issue. It's a very real part of what goes into my work week. Friday's are a cutting loose, a release and a way to let go of what you don't need and of finding inspiration and passion for what is next. Letting go and receiving.

For me, I dance. This is the way I fill my cup.This is a way to be full of heat and passion and be a little wild. It also gives me fitness. I dance at NIA studios, in my studio and luckily I have a husband who will take me out dancing! I dance a lot! This is just my path to release and receive. For others it might be going to see movies, motorcycling, skiing, hiking. You get the picture. But, I now realize this is not just playing around, it is a necessary part of my week. If I don't dance, I won't paint with the same authority, passion or full attention that I would otherwise. I'd love to hear about what you do for release and receiving.

So if you see Mike and I around town dancing...say "hi" and know that I have a very good excuse for being out late!


chrismay said...

my release comes from the back of my horse, copper. While out aimlessly riding the hillsides, I breathe deeply, smelling the fresh air and just recharging. Also bring a camera along, some of the views I see would make fine paintings, and only able to be accessed via horse. I feel like a kid again for that time, and come home all 'warm and fuzzy'. I do it as often as possible.

Jana said...

I was dancing as I read this! It's my daily workout - dance, jog, jump while catching up on email, facebook & favorite blogs/computer reads. (yes, I'm sitting down as I type this though...) ha! We love to dance as a couple too - often in the kitchen, but occasionally out & about when we can find a good venue/music combo. Where in P-Town do you go?